Friday, 29 October 2010

Financial Management

The main sources of income of Bangladesh are as follows:

  1. Donation or special allotment from the Government, horsemint, public and government approved as organizations.
  2. Fixed lump-sum donation from life patron member, Life member and general member of Bangladesh Scouts as mentioned in section II.
  3. Any donation from different units, groups or council member. The unit, group at District and sub-district will collect finance locally for smooth running of the scout activities. Any donation from any scout, person or organization may be accepted without any condition. Scouts will try to earn and increase fund by their own Labour. If necessary, Scouts will observe “Earning week” when the educational institutions will be in annual vacation. The National Headquarter is empowered to examine and call for papers relating to account affair of region, district and sub-districts or a particular unit to maintain financial discipline. There shall be a five member internal audit team at every tier of organization from sub-districts upto  National level to be formed by the executive committee and that committee will examine the accounts regularly.

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