Friday, 29 October 2010

National Council

The National Council is the highest policy making authority of Bangladesh scouts.

Term of National Council

The term of the National Council will be three years from the date of election and this term may be extended up to six months in case of necessity and 3rd council meeting must be held in the extended period. The National Council will sit at least once in a year to perform the following functions:
  1. To approve on going budget & accounts of previous years and also to examine the Audit report.
  2. Elect or recommend President, Vice-president, Treasurer and the Chief National Commissioner ‘if any’ of these posts fall vacant.
  3. To fill up the vacant post of any member.
  4. To discuss and give decision on the issues raised by the National Executive Committee
  5. Raising questions on relevant matters. In the last year of council meeting to be known as general meeting the following functions will be performed by the National Council in addition to its normal functions:
    • Election of President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Councilor representatives of the Executive Committee
    • To recommend the appointment of the Chief National Commissioner
    • Appointment of Auditor

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