Friday, 29 October 2010

Organization and Rules

to Bangladesh Scouts


For more than 62 years, scouting has flourished in the then East Pakistan ,now Bangladesh. As scout, scouters we enjoy the fruits of scouting from different educational methods and strategies to make our approach relevant and through our participation, scouting will continue to provide blessings of life and pursuit of happiness.
Despite restrictions, Scouting began for the first time in Calcutta, Madras and Jabbalpur in 1910. The pioneer role of starting Scout Movement in this Sub-Continent was played by Dr. Tarapurwala, Sriram Wajpee,Mrs Annee Besant, Mr. A.S.Lazlee Moon but the British Scout Association turned down the permission of Scouting in this Sub-Continent. Lastly the British Government gave permission for starting Scouting in 1919, with the active initiative of Lord Baden Powell.
The scout movement started in Bangladesh on the 22nd May, 1948 when East Pakistan Boy Scout Samity (Association) was established. The scouting gained momentum when “East-Bengal Scout Association” was formed under the able leadership of Mr. Salimullah Fahmi.

Bangladesh proclaimed its independence on the 26th day of March, 1971 through a historic war. In a newly established independent  Republic Scouting tuned its path under the leadership of elected National Commissioner, Mr. P.A Nazir with effect from the 9th April, 1972. The then Hon’ble President gave legal coverage to the Bangladesh Boy Scout Samity by promulgating presidents order No. 111 of 1972.

At that time, the Bangladesh Boy Scout Samity would have been guided by its constitution Policy, “Organization and Rules” In 1974, World Scout Bureau recognized the Bangladesh Boy Scout Samity and it became 105th member of the World Scout Bureau.

In the special general meeting of Bangladesh Boys scout samity held on 20.07.1975 the Organization & Rules was adopted by repealing Policy, “Organization and Rules”. It is a set of established rules embodying and enacting the practice of scouting in different stages of organization. Every scout, scouters and duty bound to preserve, protect and defend the constitution of Bangladesh Scouts.

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